Arizona solar industry still faces many challenges

Arizona still has many challenges in the solar industry, but plenty of opportunity, according to experts who gathered from around the state Thursday. The Arizona Solar Leadership Conference met with the goal of developing a plan to forward the industry and make the state a global powerhouse. That will take work from financing to development, and working with neighbors including California and Nevada. It will mean weathering a barrage of consolidations and business failures and forging a path for the fledgling industry.

“Our hope today is that the information can be developed into a plan and that some group, perhaps the Flinn Foundation or another group, can develop a roadmap from that,” said Michelle De Blasi, an attorney with event sponsor Quarles & Brady LLP and chairwoman of the Arizona Energy Consortium.

Rob Gillette, CEO of First Solar Inc., said Arizona still has benefits that can help it become a leader in solar power development…

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