Solar-energy boom: Bright spot in Ariz. economy

With more than 400 companies manufacturing, installing and distributing solar-energy products in our state, solar is one of the brightest spots in the Arizona economy, along with other renewable energies and clean technology.

In fact, in the last year alone about 6,300 jobs have been added to the more than 22,000 existing jobs in the renewable-energy and clean-tech industries – jobs helping families regain economic stability and helping Arizona claim its share of a bright, vibrant market.

Today, Arizona has about 160 megawatts of solar-energy capacity, enough to power more than 30,000 homes. First Solar, a leading developer of utility-scale solar projects, is constructing new photovoltaic power plants for NRG Energy and Arizona Public Service Co. while Abengoa Solar is building a concentrating solar power plant for APS.

Together, these projects will provide much-needed power and jobs for Arizonans hard hit during the recession. New Arizona manufacturing facilities scheduled to come online next year will yield even more jobs…

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